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Top Ten Smoothie Recipes of the Year

Last year was quite busy on the blog. Traffic went up quite a bit after the holidays, I suspect because of people getting a Nutribullet or similar blender for Christmas or as a holiday gift. Then it was on to New Year resolutions, which always makes people particularly interested in healthy smoothie recipes. As a result, many of the most popular smoothie recipes on the site were associated with diet and weight loss. Here are the ten most popular recipes from the past year in count down fashion.

Most Popular smoothie recipes

Top 10 Smoothies of 2015

10) Greek Goddess Smoothie: Banana and oat goodness!

9) Refreshing Watermelon Smoothie: Refreshing indeed and low calorie to boot.

8) Banana Carrot Orange Smoothie Recipe: Adds in spinach for a good measure, but the fruit covers the bitter taste.

7) Strawberry Peach Mango Green Smoothie: Actually only has a hint of spinach for the green. Add more if you like!

6) Berry Nutribullet Blast With Pomegranate and Chard: An interesting and tasty mix of fruits and veggies.

5) Banana Berry Smoothie: A good all around basic smoothie recipe.

4) Melon Berry Milkshake: Great for adding fiber to your diet.

3) Tropical Protein Shake: Perfect for anyone who loves tropical fruit.

2) Sunshine Smoothie: My personal favorite, this smoothie has a nice mix of carrot and orange.

1) Fat Burning Green Tea and Vegetable Smoothie: This was the most popular last year too! Rev up your metabolism with a green tea based veggie blast!

Bonus: Our most popular articles and other recipes.

The following are roundups of smoothie recipes or are recipes for other items, but also were quite popular on the site this year:

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10 Smoothies for Diabetics: 10 smoothies for diabetics.

Top Diet Nutribullet Recipes : Kickstart your diet with smoothies.

How to Make Smoothies for the 21 Day Fix Diet: Some ideas for you 21 day fix folks.

How to Make Nutribullet Ice Cream: Fun stuff and it tastes good too!

Nutribullet Broccoli  Soup Recipe: Per multiple requests, I aim to add more soup recipes next year, along with recipes for more things other than smoothies (but of course smoothies will predominate).



  1. I need recipes for only veg, no fruit. What do you suggest? All the recipes contain fruit … I’m avoiding sugar, including the sugar in fruit. Please help because I’ve experimented and they were horrible so I’ve wasted a lot of food. I had pure vegetable ones in Oz and they were yummy. Thank

    • Hi! It can be hard to have a 100% veggie smoothie that is not bitter. A lot of cafés and such will sweeten those with honey or a sweetened liquid like vanilla almond milk to mitigate that. So then they still end up with some sugar in them. One thing you can try is mixing up your favorite veggies using a natural sugar-free sweetener such as Stevia to cut the bitterness. Also try adding sweeter tasting veggies such as fresh grown tomatoes. Adding nuts, such as almonds can also help add flavor.

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