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How to Use Eggs in Smoothies

Raw eggs are associated with salmonella, and some sources generally do not recommened  them for use in smoothies. Others find the concern minimal as it is generally reported that only 1 in 30,000 eggs has a salmonella problem. Further, eggs from a high quality source are even less likely to contain salmonella. Look for paturized eggs, which are widely regarded as safe. Store bought egg substitutes can also be used.

Adding eggs to a smoothie adds protein and it is popular with low carb dieters and weightlifters. One large egg has 72 calories with almost all of that from protein and fat, so it is a definitely quality protein source.

basket of eggs


To use egg in a smoothie, simply add it to the mix and blend. It is simple as that!



  1. I am really interested in using eggs, not to drink them rawly, but I just bought nutribullet, and I would like to throw my old blender away, but I dont know if I can do what I did with the blender, since I see only reviews about liquids being water, juice, milk, coconut milk and stuff.

    My question is: “Can I use EGGS as liquid?”

    Since I need to make a pancace mix inside it, and nobody seems to say EGGS as usable liquid. tried to google but no luck.

    Thank you in advance. 🙂

    • Hi! If you were able to do your mix in a regular blender, you probably will have no problem doing it in the Nutribullet. The key might be just making sure that you can make the amount you need in the cup sizes available. I would not usually consider eggs as a liquid when mixed with fruits and veggies, since more liquid is needed to blend those well, but if you are just looking at eggs and flour (plus perhaps some milk or something?) it should blend just fine. You could test it and see how it comes out before tossing your old blender. Worse case, it doesn’t blend well and you have to wash it well. I doubt it will harm the machine in any way.

  2. would it be better to soft boil an egg to use in a smoothie since cooked eggs have more useable protein?

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