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How to Use Flax Seed in Smoothies

Ground flax seed is one of my absolute favorite Nutribullet boosts.

Flax is a wonderful addition to smoothies to add omega 3 to the diet, along with extra fiber and a bit of protein. It is perfect for helping to lower cholesterol and to fight inflamation. As a runner, I use its anti-inflamatory aspects to assist with recovery.

how to use flax seed in smoothies

One tablespoon of ground flax has 35 calories, 1400 mg omega 3, 2 g of fiber and 1.5 g of protein. It is tasteless in smoothies. You really can only tell it is there by noticing that it leaves some tiny grains on the side of the cup at times.

You can use whole flax seeds, but ground works much better for smoothies to avoid any noticable texture.  I usually add one to two tablespoons of ground flax to my smoothies.

I buy my flax at a local grocery store in the health food aisle or I order it here from Amazon.com.

blueberry banana flax smoothie lower cholesterol

Flax Seed Smoothies

Here are the smoothie recipes on All Nutribullet Recipes that contain flax. Note, however, that you can add flax to any smoothie, even if it is not listed as an ingredient in the recipe:  Smoothie Recipes with Flax Seed

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