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10 Awesome Smoothies for Weight Loss

Dieting? Here are ten of our popular Nutribullet smoothies for weight loss.  Each of these is low calorie, but packed with nutrition. Also, if you are looking for a smoothie detox or cleansing diet, look at at our information on the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse. If you really want to kick start weight loss, see our information on Keto diets and Keto smoothies.


These recipes represent the most popular smoothies for weight loss form our archives.  Each recipe has some sort of attribute that makes is ideal for weight loss. So, you can put your Nutribullet to work in your diet plan!

Fat Burning Smoothie

Fat Burning Green Tea Smoothie: Our most popular weightloss smoothie. Green Tea help burn more calories.

Melon Berry Milkshake: This tastes great and has lots of fiber and Vitamin C to boot.

Berry, Pomegrante, and chard diet and detox smoothie

Rainbow Berry Blast: A smoothie with extra antioxidant power.

carrot orange smoothie recipe for the Nutribullet

Sunshine Smoothie: One of personal favorites, this is loaded with both Vitamin C and Carotene.

Peachy Keen: If you like peaches, you will love this. Almonds give it a boost of protein as well.

Blueberry Peach Smoothie: This combo is really tasty and also great for your skin.

Banana Berryilcious: Super simple to make and super tasty for your diet!

Watermelon Coconut Smoothie

Refreshing Watermelon Smoothie: This smoothie is particularly great in summer.

Berry Peach Mango: This is another highly popular smoothie recipe that is low calorie and healthy.

Tropical Protein Shake: The protein helps keeps you full longer.

More Smoothies

For more, see our Top Ten Diet Smoothies list, which focuses on protein heavy smoothies to help fill you up. Or See our post on the 10-Day Smoothie Cleanse.

Need a smoothie diet plan? Try The Smoothie Diet! We also are always adding now recipes, so be sure to check back and follow us on social media.

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  1. i need some recipes for smoothies for weight loss for my new nutri bullet

  2. I just got my nutribullet I need some weight loss recipes. Thanks

  3. I need some healthy weight loss recipes please for my nutrition Billie

  4. I need some haelthy recipes for weight loss.Thank

  5. what does 1 T mean?

  6. Is it odd that one of the fat loss recipes has banana in it and yet down the bottom is an advert saying never eat banana because it makes you fat?

    • Hi Tansy, I don’t have much control over the specific ads that run on the site since I work through an ad service for that. I am aware of some ads out there that try to entice people to take a closer look by stating that healthy foods such as bananas will make you fat. I suggest that you just ignore them. Natural fruit sugars are not evil and putting a banana in your smoothie will not make you fat. Now, if you ate tons of bananas all day long, perhaps they might make you fat simply because of the additional calorie load, but that is true of any food. I can sometimes block specific ads from the site, so if I spot the one that you mentioned, I’ll see if I can block it.

      • Thanks for the great answer….love you guys….together we’re on our way!!!!!

      • A recent article on a health site stated unripened bananas are healthier then ripe ones. Higher in fiber and amounts of digestive resistant starches (important for optimal gut health) plus they do not result in blood sugar spikes. As they ripen the starch turns into sugars. Been using green bananas in my smoothies since and they tastes just as yummy.

  7. I dont like the taste of Soy milk or Almond milk what else can I substitute them for ?

    • You can substitute any liquid that you like. Even water works, and is often listed in Nutribullet recipes. But I like to use liquids with a bit more flavor. Skim milk is often a good substitute, as is coconut milk or rice milk. Juices often work well too. Apple juice works well in just about any fruit smoothie. Green tea is a good one to use in smoothies with a lot of vegetables.

      • Doesn’t apple juice have way to much sugar?

        • I would suggest using pure apple juice that has no sugar added. Apples are naturally sweet, and all fruits contain natural sugars, but the sugars in fruits are of much less concern than refined sugar. The key is to focus on overall calories.

  8. How much liquid is needed in the Magic Nutri Bullet 900 as it does not specify the amount only to not exceed the mark on the cup hence if I were to fill with fruit and vegies, how much liquid is required? I also have a good recipe which is not only for your health but excellent for losing weight. Celery, Cucumber, Carrot and apple to sweeten, also with celery to include the leaves. add water and blend in the nutri blast.

    • The nutribullet always uses liquid to the fill line on cup. Put the ingredients other than liquid in first and then add liquid until the liquid reaches the fill line. The amount can vary based on the the amount and type of other ingredients. Also, be careful not to pack the cup full with the other ingredients. That can lead to the cup leaking when it blends.

  9. I’ve had a really good experience with the NutriBullet Pro 900, I use it every day. I especially like that you can prep a bunch of individual portions in advance with the single serve containers. I just wake up, blend and go.

  10. Would you suggest drinking the green tea smoothie before a workout?

    • I don’t tend to think of this one as a pre workout smoothie simply because it lacks the higher carbs and protien to completely fuel exercise. If you drink it before a workout, I would recommend adding something with a bit of protien.

  11. Smoothies is always a good refreshments,not only it is really healthy because of it’s natural sugar and has its natural vitamins it can also help you lose weight as well.

  12. This is a good and healthy drink after an hour of workout.

  13. I have a new Nutribullet. Loving it although some of my concoctions haven’t worked as well. I am still on my learning curve. I notice that the book that comes with the Nutribullet suggests a number of boosts including nuts. The nuts though do not include pecan nuts, hazel nuts, pistachio and Brazil nuts are mentioned in only one recipe. Are walnuts, almonds and cashews the only nuts you should be using and eating?

    • Hi! you can put any sort of nuts that you want in the Nutribullet. Personally, I like to use both pistachio and hazelnuts quite a bit. It is best to use unsalted nuts. Salted ones tend to create a salty smoothie.

  14. I need detox recipes…for bloating?

  15. Just made my first green smoothie using this recipe. Only I tried to halve it because my blender only goes up to 5 cups. . . Forgot to halve the lemon so it is quite lemony but tastier than I had imagined. Thank you for posting the occasional recipe so newbies can try some things out before putting $ down.

  16. My daughter & I disagree on this. When using bananas or kiwi fruit do I need to peel them first

    • Definitely peel bananas. Kiwi, you don’t have to, but I don’t like the effect of the skin in the smoothie. That is a personal preference though.

  17. Hi I have just been diagnosed with diabetes and am a bit lost, what would you recommend in the smoothie range or any juice range to help with exercise and weight loss, any advice would be great. Thanks

    • With diabetes, look for smoothies that focus on protein and vegetables. Green smoothies are great. Ask your doctor for guidelines on the amount of fruit you can have. Diet and weightless is often the easiest when kept simple. Eat whole, fresh food, avoiding sugar and grains. Get moving, whether it be by walking or biking or swimming. Anything that gets your heart rate up. Exercise is one of the best things you can do!

    • Hi Karen,
      So sorry to hear about your diabetes.

      My uncle was diagnosed with it too but managed to completely beat it and is no longer diabetic. If you are serious about beating it, please do the following:

      1. No sugars – they are everywhere so please read labels.
      2. Home made is best – avoid processed, avoid eating out.
      3. Good fats – coconut oil, ghee, coconut water/milk/cream, avocados, nuts, seeds.
      4. Lots of green veg and green smoothies avoiding fruit as much as you can.
      5. Healthy lifestyle – walk as much as you can, play sports.
      6. Faith – Trust in God and believe that He will help you, ask Him for help, pray with sincerity, and dont allow difficult situations to stress you out. Stress ruins health. Faith restores health. Avoid stressors whenever possible.
      7. Fasting – try fasting from dawn to sunset twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays work best). This means no eating or drinking, not even water. Your body has a lot to deal with, and needs that time to detox; if you eat, it gets busy trying to digest the food, and doesnt even get to the detox stage. So give your body a break twice a week by fasting.
      8. Charity – the more we give, the more we get back. Give money to the poor, give time to whomever needs it, volunteer for a charity, connect with neighbours, get in touch with relatives and family youve lost touch with.
      9. Iodine – Lugol’s iodine, supplemented with selenium, can help greatly; take a few drops daily in juice.

      All the best. Hope you beat the diabetes and come out a stronger, happier person.

  18. Hey, I’m lokking for something fat burning or low calorie weight loss recipes. Somebody’s got an idea?

  19. Philomena Taylor

    Just got Nutribullet rx I had a juicer before do you cut fruit and veg into small pieces and is there a programme to show how to use and clean Nutribullet

    • I normally just cut fruit into large chunks. For cleaning, the cup is dishwasher safe. I hand clean my blades. You can clean the base by running water on it, but do not submerge it.

  20. Hi, I tend to use frozen fruit and vegetables in my smoothies, what would 2 spears of pineapple be in frozen chunks?

    • About six to eight chunks or so. It doesn’t have to be exact. I would just toss in a handful and call it good. 🙂

  21. Ihave high uric acid, and I need recipe for my new nutribullet to lower my uric acid.

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