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About The Nutribullet Recipes

Here is the key information you need to know about our Nutribullet recipes:

Nutribullet Recipe Basics

(1) Nutribullet Recipes are generally based on the large cup size, which is 24 ounces. That usually results in about 12-16 ounces of smoothie. However, it is easy to convert a Nutribullet recipe to another size simply by reducing or increasing the amount of each ingredient. Nutribullet recipes are not rocket science and, other than always using the max fill line for liquid, exact measurements are very rarely needed.

If you don’t have a Nutribullet and are using our recipes in your blender or Ninja, see our Recipe Conversion Page for tips.

(2) Recipes are provided to us from a variety of sources. You can even submit a recipe! Since we can’t personally test each and every single one of them, we rely on your ratings. If you try a recipe, please come back and rate it, and leave comments telling us why you did or did not like it and what you might have changed.

(3) Substitutions are always fun with recipes. If you like the looks of a recipe but happen to hate one ingredient, change it! The beauty of the Nutribullet is the many interesting combination of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains,and liquids that can be combined. Experiment, and if you think your new combination is a success, come submit it here to share! See more below for common substitutions.

(4) Food preparation: Generally, you can leave items in large chunks for the Nutribullet. Cut up fruits and vegetables to a size that makes them easy to fit in the cup. You need not chop them. I often hand tear/shred leafy items like spinach or kale, but it is not necessary. Add leafy items first, followed by fruits and vegetables, then grains and nuts. If you use something semi-liquid or very soft, like yogurt, add that last, but fill with liquid to the fill line first. I find that yogurt often blocks the liquid from filling right otherwise The idea is to have the liquid and semi-liquid items at the top of the cup, which ends up on the bottom when blending. this helps things blend more quickly and smoothly. Usually a Nutribullet recipe will call for raw items. However in a few rare cases, such as with when using sweet potatoes, the item must be cooked. The recipe will note that if it is the case.

Nuts and seeds can be put in whole. Note, however, that some seeds should not be consumed as they release a toxic substance (cyanide) into the body. These are:

  • Apple Seeds
  • Apricot Pits
  • Cherry Pits
  • Peach Pits
  • Plum Pits

When using any of these fruits, be sure to remove and discard the pits or seeds before blending.

(5) Using liquids: Nutribullet tends to tell you to use water in their instructions. That is fine, but often the use of other liquids adds flavor and additional nutrients. Some things you might want to try include: milk, coconut water, coconut milk, almond milk, rice milk, soy milk, or fruit juice. You can also add yogurt, but you will still need a pure liquid as well.

Watch the max fill line! When you add liquid, the fill line on your cup should be taken seriously. Under filling the cup may result in incomplete blending. Over filling may result in leaking.

(6) Want a frozen smoothie or were your ingredients at room temperature? Try adding an ice cube or two before blending. For a frozen slushy type of smoothie use frozen fruit or add additional ice.

fruit and vegetables for Nutribullet recipes

You can freely substitute one fruit or vegetable for another

Common Nutribullet Recipe Substitutions

The following are common substitutions, but in reality you can freely substitute any fruit or vegetable for another and any liquid for another. If you don’t like something, leave it out and add something that you do like. The sky’s the limit!

(1) Leafy Vegetables: Substitute any of these for another: spinach, kale, chard, butter lettuce or other dark green leafy vegetables.

(2) Citrus Fruits: Substitute any citrus for another, although you may want to try to stay in the same range of sweetness or tartness. common citrus items are oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons, and limes.

(3) Other Fruits: Try switching in and out bananas, grapes, apple, pineapple, watermelon, or cantelope. Get creative with your Nutribullet recipes and try more exotic fruits such as guava, dragon fruit, mango, papya, star fruit etc.

(4) Vegetables: Try switching up carrots, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, tomatoes, celery, cucumber etc.

(5) Nuts, Seeds, and Grains: Almonds are a favorite that are used in many Nutribullet recipes, but you can substitute them for any other nut. Other common nuts are walnuts, cashews, and hazelnuts. Be sure to use raw, unsalted nuts. Common seeds are sunflower seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds.Try oatmeal instead of nuts for lots of fiber/

(6) Liquids: change out the water for another liquid such as milk (skim milk is lower calories, but higher sugar, while whole milk has more fat to keep you feeling full longer), soy milk, rice milk, coconut milk, almond milk, coconut water, or fruit juice.

About Boosts

Nutribullet refers to additional nutritional items as “boosts.” They include nuts and seeds in this definiton, but for most, this often means something like chia or flax seeks for omega 3 fatty acids, or powdered items such as goji or cacao. Some people add protein powder or other powdered nutrients to their Nutribullet recipes.

Nutribullet makes a Nutribullet Superfood Superboost Powder containing powdered chia, goji, cacao, and maca.

Make Your Nutribullet Recipes Your Own

Most important, do not feel constrained by the recipes on this site or the instructions in your Nutribullet book that state to use a certain percent of leafy greens, fruits, and boosts. Those are great guidelines, but ultimately the idea is to eat a variety of healthy foods throughout the week. If you want all fruit smoothie, have one! Or make an all veggie blast. Leave out nuts and seeds if you desire, or add more! Ultimately this is a very flexible system, and how you approach a recipe is up to you. Have fun with it!



  1. I just purchased a Nutribullet. I find that, for example, having to add water to the mark when making carrot juice makes the juice quite tasteless. I would love not to have to add water as it gives the juices a diluted taste. Pure carrot juice with the pulp would be ideal. Any advice / solutions? Thanks.

    • The Nutribullet is better for making smoothies than it is for extracting pure juice. For absolutely pure carrot juice, you would need to buy a juicer. Or you could use carrot juice for your liquid in the nutirbullet and then the solid carrots you put in would add pulp to that. Also, for a carrot based smoothie that has more taste, you can try adding a liquid other than water. I usually use milk, coconut milk, soy milk, or almond milk in my smoothies. All of those add flavor. I tend to find that using just water makes things taste too watery and bland. One of my favorite mixes with carrots is orange, carrot, and apples using either orange juice or soy milk as my liquid. If you add a bit of vanilla yogurt and/or use vanilla soy milk, it gets nice creamy taste to it too.

  2. I was wondering if using yogurt instead of water would not allow for the proper break down of nutrients?

  3. Even you add yogurt you still need a pure liquid.

  4. To clarify, my earlier comment mentioned yogurt instead of liquid, but you will need some liquid to be able to blend. There are liquid yogurts out there that could used, such as Kiefer. But I like to just add yogurt and then some liquid such as milk or almond milk.

  5. I have just got my Nutribullet but I am a bit worried about the nuts and seeds. I have read that they can go in whole before blasting which is clear enough. My worry is that they may cause problems in the bowe. For example l read that Chai seeds caused divaticulitis with one user. I want to include the nuts and seeds for the nutrition they provide, so will the nutribullet blast them enough or should I use the other blade and completely blitz them before adding them?

    • Hi Gerry. There is no need to separately grind nuts and seeds. The Nutribullet does a pretty good job of grinding as the smoothie is being made, just be sure to run it for a full minute or two. I am not aware of Chia seeds being able cause diverticulitis and cannot find any credible reports to that effect. However, Chia seeds do absorb a lot of liquid and swell (which makes them great for dieters to help them feel full), so it is important to use plenty of liquid with them or drink extra water after consuming them. If there is not enough liquid they could cause a bit of stomach irritation. Certainly someone who already has diverticulitis could end up having that aggravated by them, but it would not cause the underlying condition. Some people soak chia seeds to make a paste before using to assure that they are already full of liquid. It isn’t required, but it can be helpful and can avoid a grittiness to the smoothie. Personally, I prefer to use ground flax seed (you can purchase that pre-ground) instead since it doesn’t come across as gritty in anyway and has many of the same health benefits. As for regular nuts and seed, just toss them in and enjoy!

  6. I am diabetic and I am wondering about the carb content of a smoothie, or what type of smoothie I should make.

    • Carb content can vary depending on the ingredients. Generally a smoothie with grains such as oatmeal and smoothies with fruit will be higher carb and higher in natural sugars. Green smoothies are great for diabetics because they are usually mostly vegetable based or at least cut back on the fruit. I’m planning to do a series on diabetic smoothies after the first of the year (around the end of January).

  7. Can you put in the seeds with husks on? I thought I saw this on TV but the packaging doesn’t mention the husks
    And I thought you left the skins on all fruit

    • I would recommend removing the shells/husks from any seeds that have a hard shell. Sunflower seeds are such an example. Raw seeds like pumpkin, flax, chia etc, can be added whole. I prefer the ground versions of flax and chia though, which can be bought in bags at most grocery stores (usually they are found in the health section or organic section)

  8. I have just bought a new nutribullet because I love tomato juice and want to try my own ..2 questions ..should the tomatoes be cooked first or put in raw ,,also if they are cooked first in a bit of water would I still have to add more water as I don’t want it watery

  9. I have just bought a nutribullet because I want to make my own tomato juice ..should I cook the tomatoes first or put them in raw ..if I cook them in a bit of water ..would I still have add more water as I don’t want it to watery

    • Hi! Do not cook the tomatoes. Simply blend them up raw with a bit of water or other liquid. You do need to add some liquid, as the blender needs it to fully blend the ingredients. I like to do tomatoes with some celery, cucumber, and carrots, plus a bit of Tabasco for a peppery and more flavorful drink. You can experiment with ingredients to see how you like it best.

  10. Hi I want to do a frozen fruit smoothie with some green and seeds which blade do I use ?
    thank you

    • I would use the blade for liquids. The dry goods blade is really just for grinding only dry ingredients. One other note, when using frozen items, you might need a bit more liquid. Don’t overfill over the fill line, but put in a bit less items so that there is a larger liquid ratio that way.

  11. I was wondering if most recipes use the the large cup size does this count as 1 or 2 serves? I am thinking it would be 2 serves? Loving our nutribullet!

    • Hi! The recipes are based on the large cup size for the regular Nutribullet (not the colossal cup size seen with the RX). That generally makes either a good size single serving or two smaller servings.

  12. As a new user of the nutribullet I may be asking a silly question but…..I see that some recipes call for the juice of half an orange or lemon while others just call for half a lemon or orange. Do you peel the fruit , put in sections or throw in the whole half? Any other tips on ingredient usage would be helpful. Thanks.

    • Hi! I do peel citrus fruit. Adding peel tends to make things quite bitter. You can either juice the fruit, or toss in wedges whole. I like to just put in whole wedges since I like to have the extra fiber.

  13. I was diagnosed with diabetes in april 2015,l used my nutriblast with spinsc,kale,green beans as the green element and juggled around with apples,bananas.pears pvarious nuts,almonds,walnuts,pumpkin until l settled on a drink that was reliable in november this year l asked for a blood test and was declared well out of diabetes.l should also say that l had salad 4to 5 days a week and only used springwater in my nutri blaster.I also lost around 16pounds in the period.lt wasn’t hard work just something l had to do.l am 80 years ols and my doctor said l should be proud of myself as l did it without any medication.I will also add that sugar was dropped salt was greatly reduced snd fat for cooking was scaled right down.All in all i am very pleased with what l have achieved and will continue doing the same.l also used ryvita and nuts for snacking.and also oranges.ln a nutshel late in life l have given my stomach healthy things and l reckon it has paid off’
    Brian Wl

  14. Could you please advise as to whether you can make the smoothies in the morning for consumption at lunch. Husband wants to get in on all the benefits of the smoothies as well so I need to make his so that he can take to work. Thanks

    • Yes, you can make smoothies ahead of time as long as you keep them refrigerated. I often make breakfast smoothies the night before.

  15. Can I put quinoa in my nutribullet? If so, I assume it must be cooked first? Also is the oatmeal mentioned above, cooked?

    • You can put quinoa in. You don’t need to cook it, but you should at least soak it overnight, otherwise it will be quite crunchy. With oatmeal, I often use it raw/uncooked in smoothies. You can cook it, but it works pretty well just tossed in uncooked.

      • Since. Christmas. 2017, I got myself o. My. Friends. Car & “* 29 th. Dec Dec. 2017 o went & purchase. The. Nutri. Bullet Rx and the. Best purchase. For £139,99. I. Got a beautiful. Smoothy. Yes I been. Making. My. Own. Just. Realy. Healthy. & I. Always. Look. Forward. To the. Morning. As I. Realy. Go. Fir. ‘s v beautiful. Smoothie. All I. Eat is healthy. & who ever. Put this. Nutri. Bullet. Together. Deserves. Go. Give. Me. A TIP OF. A LOVELY. SMOOTHY. WHAT. A. GENIUS. THIS IS TOP DOLLAR. & WORTH EVERY. PENNY. I and my whole. FAMILY ARE. LIVING A SUPER. NUTRI. BULLET. RX. IS. JUST. . Fantastic. This. Is. A. Great. Idea. A beautiful. 98% positive. The. Greatest. Appliance. For build. Kitchen.

  16. Hi, As a new user of the pro 900 I am trying different recipes but find sometimes half term glass is just pulp and cannot drink this. Is this normal.

    • The Nutribullet is not the same as a juicer in that it leaves all of the pulp in a drink. This is quite healthy, and healthier than juice, but some people prefer less pulpy drinks. Something you can try is not filling your cup as full with fruits and vegetables, which will result in the drink having more liquid. You could also stick to smoother ingredients, such as bananas and melon. But getting a truly pulp-free drink with the nutribullet is impossible. For that you would need to buy a juicer.

  17. I’ve been drinking a 12 oz veg smoothie 2-3 times a day. I throw in whatever raw veggies I have cucumber, peppers, leafy greens, snow peas, carrots, beets,etc lemon, 3 oz banana ,8 oz organic unsweetened almond milk.
    Is THIS too much raw food?
    I feel fine.

    • Hi Lois! I’m of the opinion that, as long as you are not experiencing gas and bloating, that you really can’t have too much raw fruits and vegetables. They are highly nutritious. I wouldn’t worry about it at all.

  18. Hi, I’d like to make baby purée with my nutribullet pro.
    1) Do veggies have to be steamed first or can I extract them raw? Such as; zucchini, sweet potato, broccoli, spinach etc.
    2) Do raw veggies create more wind/bloating than cooked veggies? My baby has sensitive stomach at times and I have to be careful with some foods.

    • You can extract vegetables raw. But yes, raw veggies might cause more gas and bloating than cooked ones. You can also put meat in the nutribullet. Note though that to work well, you do also need some liquid. Options could be vegetable or fruit juice, broth, or water.

  19. 3) Can I put meat in the nutribullet to make purées?

  20. Hi. I am looking at purchasing a Nutribullet RX. I would like to know if some vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots, need to be cooked first before using the 7min soup operation. Many thanks.

  21. Sorry. Two more questions…And one is quite a big one! Firstly, we are a family of 5….can i make a portion of soup to feed 5 in one go? Also….and this is the big question….I have been recommended the Vitamix as an alternative that will outlast the nutribullet. It is more than double the price so I am wondering if this is its only difference? The Nutribullet RX has a 1700W motor and the Vitamix (at least the one i looked at), is 1200W….To my mind, a more powerful motor is an important factor to be looking at. Finally, is the Nutribullet bigger? I am thinking of worktop space – the only way to use these things is not to have to keep getting them out of the cupboard – out of sight, out of mind:)

    • It would take 2 rounds with the Nutribullet to feed 5 people soup. I normally get two portions from it. With size, the Vitamix is bigger than the Nutribullet RX. The Nutribullet definitely takes less counter space. They both are about the same height but the Vitamix has a wider base. In terms of motor size, I get very similar results from both my Nutribulelt RX and my Vitamix. I do think the Vitamix is more durable. Also, for a family of 5, you might be happier with the Vitamix because it has a larger pitcher capacity. Note too that you can also make soup in a Vitamix if you run it long enough (7-10 minutes). The heat generated from the blades will heat the contents. I haven’t personally made soup in my Vitamix, but have read of plenty of people who have. I don’t know that you would get 5 servings from one go around though. You still would likely have to make two pitchers.

  22. Do you have to put greens in the nutribullet? Or can I stick with maybe pineapple, bananas, strawberries and coconut water?

    • Hi! You do not have to put greens in it. That is the wonderful things about smoothies, you can pretty much do as you please with ingredients as long as you include a liquid to help blend them. A smoothie made with pineapple, banana, strawberries, and coconut water would be quite tasty!

  23. Hi, been using my nutribullet since Christmas but could you please tell me if I can put in raw parsnips?

    • Hi! Yes, raw parsnips are just fine to use. I suggest cutting them into chunks first, simply to help them blend a bit easier.

  24. I love pure watermelon juice. To make it in my nutribullet do I have to add water? Can I just fill it to the max with cut watermelon?

    • Hi!

      For the blender to operate properly, you normally need to add liquid. With something like watermelon that is already rather juicy, you can experiment with adding less. Perhaps try it with none or just a little and see how it blends. If it is not blending, or gets stuck, immediately turn it off and add more liquid.

  25. I make my boyfriend a smoothie every morning. I typically use blueberries, blackberries and strawberries, sometime pineapple. I put the fruit almost to the max line and add almond milk. For the last couple of weeks, it has come out really thick, solid to the point that he can’t even drink it. What am I doing wrong. I’ve tried both with and without ice and the same thing happens.

    • Hi! It sounds like you need more liquid. Try filling with less fruit and then making sure the liquid is to the fill line. Adding less fruit will leave more room for additional liquid (don’t go above the fill line to add more liquid, that can cause leaks). It sometimes takes a bit of experimenting to get the smoothies to the consistency that you want.

      • I will try that. Is is best to use ice or skip it?

        • You can do either, if you use ice, count it as part of the space for solid items. I often use frozen fruit for cold slushier smoothies. Those too often need a bit more liquid.

  26. hi.. can i use my nutribullet to make condiments like coriander paste? can i use the other machine used to grind dry spices to make them without water if i want them thick?

    • You can use ti to make any paste that has a liquid added, so corriander paste where cilantro (corriander) is added with water to make the paste should work. Grinding spices is hit and miss. The blades are really designed to include a liquid. However, Nutribullet also makes the Magicbullet, which comes with special blades for grinding dry ingredients. I would recommend getting that for grinding spices. I also have used a coffee grinder for that before.

  27. Hi I have a nutibullet for Christmas for specific recipes like hormonal etc how long would you take this for to have a beneficial effect?

    • Recipes for affecting hormones can really vary. Some also might not be effective as it tends to be rather individualized. For example, I tried adding tofu (soy) and soy milk to my smoothies to regulate hormones in order to address hot flashes, and it helped, but it took a month or so of drinking them before I saw results.

  28. Hi, I have just got a nutribullet. Should I peel mangos, or can the skin go in as well?

    • I recommend peeling mangoes. Mango peels are generally considered safe to eat, but they do contain urushiol, which is a compound found in poison ivy. People who are strongly sensitive to that can run into problems eating the peel. So, unless you know for sure that you have no reactions to mango peels, I suggest peeling them. I like to buy frozen mango for smoothies, which comes already peeled.

  29. Can I use magic bullet to grind meat? And is it safe to make guava juice as guavas are seedy fruit.

    • I would be skeptical of grinding meat in the bullet. I suspect it would get rather gummed up. It is better to grind meat through something open ended. You can make smoothies with guava. The seeds are edible. Some fruit, such as apple, you want to remove the seeds, but guava is OK.

  30. Love my nutribullet, thanks for all your ideas. I’m not so sure that skinned milk is healthier though. It might have the lowest fat content but there is evidence that drinking whole milk is best (ideally organic & not too much). It’s to do with skimmed milk being messed with too much (less natural), a little milk fat being fine for most people & fat soluble vitamin absorption too. Great page though!

  31. Hi have many questions but I need to know if I should boil my greens especially need to know about Spinach cooked or raw.

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