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Nutribullet Review

I am a long time smoothie fanatic. I drink smoothies for breakfast and got interested in the Nutribullet in order to make green drinks and green smoothies without having to own both a juicer and a blender. Hence this Nutribullet review! I already have a Vitamix, but it tends to leave things chunky when I try to use nuts and some vegetables in it. So, I love how my Nutribullet, and especially the new Nutribullet Pro 900, completely blends everything, leaving nothing chunky behind.

About the Nutribullet

The Nutribullet System goes beyond your blender for making nutritious smoothies and juice drinks (Nutribullet calls them nutriblasts). Unlike a juicer, it maintains the fiber from the vegetables, and unlike a blender, it is powerful enough to chop through skins and seeds. Nutribullet describes the process as an extraction.  So think of it as a blender and juicer combined. Hence its full name, the Nutribullet Superfood Nutrition Extractor and Blender.

Using a patented blade design and cyclonic action, the Nutribullet by Magic Bullet pulverizes all fruits and vegetables and extracts them into the perfect smoothie drink. It cuts through thick skins,  nuts and seeds, stems and other nutrient-rich foods to pack your smoothies, drinks, and juicing recipes with full fiber and natural vitamins. You can add the Nutribullet Superfood Superboost Powder for extra antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, and additional benefits. You may have seen the infomercials on the system from nutrition expert David Wolfe and you may have seen various Nutribullet reviews online.

The system is quite portable making it preferable to many who like to be able to blend their smoothies, green drinks, and blasts while traveling.  It also makes for easy storage. Nutribullet reviews are consistently positive.

Why You Should Focus on Fruit and Juice Smoothies (aka Nutriblasts)

The fact of the matter is that most people do not consume enough fruits and vegetables.  Getting your full daily allowance can be difficult if you are relying on eating these items as side dishes with your meal. Plus, cooking breaks down some of the nutrients, so consuming raw fruits and vegetables is ideal. A fruit and/or vegetable smoothie contains multiple servings of raw vegetables and fruits. Indeed, one nutriblast made with a combo of fruit and vegetables can give you around 4 servings in one small glass and 8-10 in a large one. While juicing is often attributed to as high as 8 or more servings, juicing removes the fiber from the fruits and vegetables, which in turn removes some of the vital nutrients. Hence, that number attributed to juicing is viewed by some as inflated. By making Nutribullet smoothies, you get to keep all of the nutrients.

If you are trying to lose weight, Nutribullet diet smoothies are perfect for you!  Many recipes are very low calorie, yet packed with nutrition. Recipes can be made with protein and higher fiber sources to also fill you up. Plain juice or whole fruits and vegetables might leave you hungry quickly, but try fruit and vegetable smoothies with peanut butter and oatmeal added and you may be surprised at just how filling it can be. So get on your Nutribullet weight loss plan today!

Athletes also love smoothies, as a runner, I count on them to help fuel my body and provide a full range of vitamins and minerals, while keeping my body mass as lean as possible. among the free Nutribullet Recipes on this site are post workout recipes that are perfect for runners and athletes.

Are you a protein shake fan? The system is perfect for that as well. It blends your powder in perfectly, and it allows you to add fruit or vegetables to your shake for additional nutrition. Add the Nutribullet Superfood Superboost Powder for extra nutrients.

Consumer Nutribullet reviews tend to rave about the system and how regularly drinking smoothies has done wonders for them.

Nutribullet Review

The New Nutribullet 900 Pro

How To Make Healthy Smoothie With The Nutribullet

The Nutribullet system comes with a motorized base, cups, and blades for full fruit and vegetable processing. Also included is a recipe book to get you started. But you will quickly find that you want more, and that is where All Nutribullet Recipes comes in! Browse our free Nutribullet recipes by ingredients or type for ideas. We also provide nutrition information. Then come back often, as we are constantly adding new recipes each week.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook as well! Have a smoothie recipe that you love? Submit it and we will share it! Want to do a Nutribullet review or recipe review? Leave a comment or rate a recipe!

The system is very easy to use. Simply add your ingredients, fill to the line on the mixing cup with water, milk, soy milk, almond milk, juice, or other liquid, screw on the blade cap (tightly!), and blend by pushing the cup into the base.  The Nutribullet takes up very little space, unlike my bulky Vitamix that won’t even fit under the cabinet in one piece. It also is easy to clean, with all parts being dishwasher safe, also unlike my Vitamix. You make the smoothie in a cup you can turn around an drink out of, so there is much less mess.

The only real common complaints that you might see from Nutribullet reviews are that the system leaked or is not as durable as something like the Vitamix. Leaking is often due either to not screwing the blade on tightly (it needs to be very tight) or due to improper filling. For proper use, it is important to fill to the fill line with liquid. No more and no less. The blade also had to be tight. I have had mine leak when I didn’t really ratchet it down. I read one Nutribullet review where the user found out later that they were not putting the cap on perfectly straight, so check that as well. I have had no significant problems with mine.  I suspect my Vitamix is indeed more durable, however my Vitamix also cost 3-4x the cost of a Nutribullet and it doesn’t grind nuts and hard veggies as well.

Nutribullet Review and Items

Nutribullet now has two different systems, the original system and the 900 pro system. I just got the 900 Pro system and it is awesome. The the original system is great too and is more affordable.  For a single person, the pro may be more than you need. For a family, I definitely recommend the Pro.  Magic bullet also makes their namesake Magjc Bullet, but I do not not recommend that for anything other than very basic blending of softer items.

The basic system includes a 600 watt motor, two small cups (18 ounces), one large cup (24 ounces), lids, two cup lips, a milling blade and extractor blade, and a softcover basic Nutribullet recipe book and guide.

The 900 Pro system includes a 900 watt motor, one small cup (18 ounces), two large cups (24 ounces), a colossal cup (32 ounces), a handle lip, two regular cup lips, a flip top lid, two standard lids, two extractor blades, the basic recipe book and guide, and a hard cover Nutribullet recipe book.

The motor on the Pro grinds everything smooth within a minute. I had no problem getting nuts and hard vegetable like carrots smooth. Leaf items are also blended smooth. The original sometimes will leave a few chunks if you don’t blend multiple times with more difficult items. With that, often it can take three one-minute blending sessions. But it is still perfectly good. I do prefer the Pro for the time saving and the extra large cups.  If you would want multiple large cups, getting the pro may be easier than getting the original and then ordering an extra cup.

Where to Buy the Nutribullet

The Nutribullet is sold at a number of department stores and big box retailers. But it is often cheapest and easiest to get at

Shop for the Nutribullet



  1. Thank you for this comprehensive comparison of the Nutribullet 600 series and 900 Pro. I was wondering if you’ve experimented with the Nutribullet RX at all? This has an inbuilt heating element for making soup and has a different mechanism for blending – you just sit it on a base and you can walk away whilst it’s blending as it ‘corrects’ itself according to the contents of the blending cup.

    I really enjoy your recipes – thank you for all the time you’ve clearly spent in making this blog such a valuable resource for Nutribullet lovers such as myself!

  2. I own the Nutribullet Pro 900 and this machine came with 2 extractor blades. I would like to grind flakes into flour using my machine. Is it okay to grind flakes (oat, kamut) using the extractor blade? I don’t want to ruin either one of them.

    • Hi! The extractor blades for the Nutribullet are not really meant for grinding. I know of people who do it with it, but I prefer not to. However, the rather affordable Magic Bullet comes with a grinding blade, and I use that for grinding. It works pretty well!

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