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Would You Use Jalepinos in Smoothies?

Using bell peppers in smoothies isn’t entirely uncommon, especially when used to flavor up green smoothies. But what about jalepinos? Well, I have come across a few recipes. Many seem to like the use of jalepino in smoothies to help clear the sinuses when sick. It likely would work quite well for that.


Here are a few jalepino smoothie combos I have seen listed:

Jalepino, banana, mango, ginger, kale and coconut water: This mix would be good to rehydrate when sick, add vitamin C, and also clear the sinuses.

Jalepino, green grapes, pinapple, lime, bananas, cashews, spinach, water, and ice: An interesting mix, but I would probably use coconut water instead of plain water.

Jalepino, tomato, lime, cucumber, cilantro, water: This one sounds pretty good to me. I would probably make it rather tomato heavy and again would use coconut water.

Jalepino, pineapple, mint and water: Spicy pineapple? Maybe. I’m a bit skeptical of this one though!

Would you try any of these? Have you used jalepino in a smoothie?


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